The Alex Accordion Museum is open to the public and is free.

At the Alex Musical Accordion Museum we have a fascinating collection of unusal and antique accordions.
The display includes NYC's Acme Accordion, from 1941: black with metal pinstripes, suggestive of the Chrysler Building.
There's the E. Galizi Bros. model, an angelic ivory body with a gold pearled inlay, circa 1920.
Then, there are true relics such as a Soprani accordion from the first line of accordions
to ever use a keyboard instead of buttons on the right hand side.
There's also the third prototype for the bandoneon, hand made by bandoneon inventor Heinrich Band in the mid-1800s.

By appointment only please... just give us a call!

Band Union
Third model of the first prototype
before they were called Bandoneon.
Hand made in Germany
in the year 1890
Bandoneon Premier
Alfred Arnold
Premier model Black de luxe
hand made in Germany
in the year 1934
Amindo Luciani
Diatonic accordion brown.
Hand made in Grottazzolina A.P.
Italy in the 1960's
AA Bandoneon
Alfred Arnold
Bandoneon Black
Hand made In Germany
in the year 1929
Paolo Soprani Viennese
One of the first models of
commercial Accordion.
Viennese diatonic style
"Rinomate armoniche sistema Soprani"
ACME White
Piano accordion white pearled
model hand made in Italy
in the 1940's
A. Butti Co.
Piano accordion Black.
Hand made on Marlboro Street NYC.
in the year 1930
Beaver Brand
Diatonic accordion made in Germany
in the year 1906.
ACME Black
Acme Piano accordion black
Pietro System super AN 2
Hand made on Canal street NYC.
in the year 1941
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Piano accordion white
hand made in Germany
in the year 1935